Source code for bpack.enums

"""Enumeration types for the bpack package."""

import sys
import enum

[docs]class EBaseUnits(enum.Enum): """Base units used to specify size and offset parameters in descriptors.""" BITS = 'bits' BYTES = 'bytes'
[docs]class EByteOrder(enum.Enum): """Enumeration for byte order (endianess). .. note:: the :data:`EByteOrder.DEFAULT` is equivalent to :data:`EByteOrder.NATIVE` for binary structures having :data:`EBaseUnits.BYTE` base units, and :data:`EByteOrder.BE` for binary structures having :data:`EBaseUnits.BIT` base units. """ BE = '>' LE = '<' NATIVE = '=' DEFAULT = ''
[docs] @classmethod def get_native(cls): return cls.LE if sys.byteorder == 'little' else cls.BE
[docs]class EBitOrder(enum.Enum): """Enumeration for bit order.""" MSB = '>' LSB = '<' DEFAULT = ''